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​Our Mission


To support Pender High School and its students with financial assistance and volunteer support, and to be involved in creating an environment that encourages pride and spirit.

Become A Member

Becoming a member is easy!  There are no membership dues.  We are looking for individuals that are willing to volunteer their time to help us follow through with our mission and provide support for the students of Pender Public School.  If you are interested, you can contact Mandy Johnson at 402.922.1073 or check out our Facebook page to see when our next meeting is.  Everyone is welcome!
Our Fundraisers
  • Fall Sports Kickoff Meal
  • Football Tailgates for Home High School Football Games
  • Youth Volleyball League
  • Winter Sports Kickoff Meal
  • Winter Slam Youth Basketball Tournament for grades 3-6
  • Youth Basketball League
  • March Blowout Basketball Tournament for grades 7-10
  • Spring Sports Kickoff Meal
Our Contributions To The Students
Coming Soon!
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